Tales from the Tiny Hoard

Where I rant about doll progress, miniature room construction, and very small shoes.

  1. The Lineup - Russell and Kyra

    Okay, part two of the pic-heavy, 1:6 doll update!

    A while after Lucy came into being, I decided to try another doll. While making Lucy's joints, I got really adventurous; arm-swivels (only found on my first of four prior dolls), cutouts, hinges, baked-in eyeballs... Most importantly, what I like to call the "baked potato" joint method. This lets me focus on each part of the doll separately - joints/mechanics, then the sculpt/aesthetics. For me, the two often work as two ...
    Tags: 1:6, boy, sculpey
  2. The Lineup - Lucy

    I haven't really been active on here since... I dunno, forever ago, and looking at what I have up I realize that there is a significant lack of absolutely everything. So here's an update on my doll collection...

    Since my last post, Lucy has been finished. And, recently, re-finished. Also, Russell has appeared and I'm at a loss for tiny tattoo ideas. Bonus; Kyra, my second ever doll, is getting re-worked so she can pose/stand/not fall apart.

    Since the last two really ...
    Tags: 1:6, girl, robot, sculpey
  3. Lucy shows her face... almost.

    Hey, everyone! I've been putting off posting anything on here about my latest doll since I really wanted to have her at least mostly sculpted before I went around snapping photos of her. She didn't look very dignified in pieces in my dining room. However, today I finally put her all together for the first time, and I've got some photos to share...
    100_0920 - Copy.jpg
    Here she is, parked in front of my clock and under my lamp... Her face is SO HARD to photograph because the ...