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  1. The Lineup - Russell and Kyra

    Okay, part two of the pic-heavy, 1:6 doll update!

    A while after Lucy came into being, I decided to try another doll. While making Lucy's joints, I got really adventurous; arm-swivels (only found on my first of four prior dolls), cutouts, hinges, baked-in eyeballs... Most importantly, what I like to call the "baked potato" joint method. This lets me focus on each part of the doll separately - joints/mechanics, then the sculpt/aesthetics. For me, the two often work as two ...
    Tags: 1:6, boy, sculpey
  2. The Lineup - Lucy

    I haven't really been active on here since... I dunno, forever ago, and looking at what I have up I realize that there is a significant lack of absolutely everything. So here's an update on my doll collection...

    Since my last post, Lucy has been finished. And, recently, re-finished. Also, Russell has appeared and I'm at a loss for tiny tattoo ideas. Bonus; Kyra, my second ever doll, is getting re-worked so she can pose/stand/not fall apart.

    Since the last two really ...
    Tags: 1:6, girl, robot, sculpey
  3. Tension springs mechanism

    Has anyone used this type of system? If so can you give some advise on sizes and proper work loads for different size dolls
  4. Materials Gripe

    I've been working with original sculpey. It's really all the material I have money for, since I bought a bulk box of it last year so I wouldn't have a reason to buy other materials for making dolls for a long time.

    I mixed some fresh clay with shreddings of used material, and I've also done things like bake heads at a very low temperature so that the outsides are hard and the insides can be scraped hollow easily, and then mix that slightly firmer polyclay into the main supply that ...
  5. Back to it

    Hey strangers, been a long time.

    Summer break, for me, was preeeeeetty much a creative failure--I started lots of stuff and finished nothing. Then s*** really went belly up toward the end, but that's okay, because now things are so much better.

    We're halfway through the semester already (NOOOOOOOO) and I've already made two dolls and I'm working on a third. One of the dolls is a nearly-life sized child doll, which I'm casting in porcelain as a sort of social statement ...
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