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Thread: Welcome to the Forum, Newcomers!

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    Default Welcome to the Forum, Newcomers!

    With DoA announcing that they will be closing their Artist Subforum, we would like to welcome refugees looking for a new place to share their works in progress!

    The Joint is free to join, it is not a guild, and there are no tutorials or set lessons. BJD artists and those who want to learn are welcome to post questions (and answers) or information about materials and techniques, show their 'works in progress' and their finished projects. However, please understand that there is no curriculum and no teachers and nobody is going to teach you step by step how to sculpt, mold or cast. What our members can do for each other is to provide support, encouragement and tips to help each other along. There are also links to offsite tutorials dotted all over the forum, and probably some book recommendations that could prove useful to anyone wanting to make ball jointed dolls.

    We do ask you to keep in mind, though, that this is not intended as a sales or "fangirling" forum. We would prefer that all of our members be participating artists who are here to create dolls, improve their work, and meet other artists. The point of our forum is creativity, originality, and community!

    We do also have a fabulous blogging plugin, and we hope that our new members will make use of the "Blogs" feature. Blogs are visible to non-members, so it is a way that people who are interested in your work can track your progress and leave you comments.

    If you have any problems with your account, please PM me. Again, welcome!!
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    If you are experiencing problems using the forum, please drop me a PM. There may be a delay in responding, but I will do my best to fix your problem.

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