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Thread: We're moving! And open staff positions.

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    Default We're moving! And open staff positions.

    Just two news items for right now.

    1. The Joint will be moving to its own domain sometime in May; this is being done because of changes to DoA's hosting plan, but also because the Joint deserves to have its own space. There at most, there will be a few hours downtime; after that, coming to the current URL will redirect you to the new site. It should look exactly the same and have perfect I am tentatively planning for the new domain to be or, but if anyone has an awesome suggestion, please feel free to post it to this thread.

    2. The Joint is largely unmoderated; that is to say that I don't really do much around here except provide space and clean up spammers, scammers, and jerks. With that said, it might be nice to have one or two staff members in addition to me. If you're interested in being a moderator here, please drop me a PM. The only real requirements are that you're an active member of the forum and are pretty tech-savvy; I'm not looking for disciplinarians, just helpful housekeepers who might have some ideas for ways that the Joint can be even better.
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    That sounds good. I had thought this forum should be separated from DOA as well. Thanks for all the work, Armeleia. You deserve to have some decent help here.

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    I found a lovely new mod for us - more information to come after we move!
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    I apologize for the delay, we will be moving this weekend. Expect some brief downtime tonight or tomorrow as I switch us over and try to get everything prettied up.
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