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Thread: Dollism, DoA, and The Joint!

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    I've only just gotten to the point where I can sculpt dolls that I'm satisfied with, and I don't actually have anything finished, let alone anything cast and ready to sell. Almost definitely next summer though. As for beginner's information, I was planning on putting together some of that this summer, but I could do some anatomy tutorials.

    I can, however, provide material reviews on Sculpey Original, red earth clay, and talc clay. I also have a few favorite tools and I could probably get some decent pictures of them and provide some info on how I like to use them. Eventually I'll be putting together a plaster mold for porcelain tutorial (Not before September though).

    Let me know if any of this would be helpful. I'd be glad to put something together!

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    Default Dollism and The Joint

    Hi Armeleia,

    I just emailed you. I really want to be a part of this, in any and all ways! I'd love to contribute to the book -- I have TONS of production pics -- and am also interested in displaying/selling dolls there. This is a great way for up-and-coming doll artists to save some $ while getting their dolls out there! Great for people like me, who are slowwwww with getting inventory together.

    New Dolls: Naia and Sylk

    Quote Originally Posted by armeleia View Post
    Hi guys,

    As many if you know, DoA has partnered with Mint on Card and Dollheart to bring the Dollism Plus convention to the US. So far, it's looking like it's going to be a really great convention with a bunch of attendees and contests and vendors - I am super excited, even though the planning is insane.

    As one of the showrunners, I've been promised a booth in the vendor room. I would like to use this booth to promote the amazing work of the artists on The Joint! I would ideally like to display a combination of photos and physical work, as well as providing an opportunity for artists to give out business cards with links to their individual websites, blogs, Facebook pages, tumblrs, etc.

    It would also be really cool to make some little tutorial booklets about doll making and materials to pass out! If you guys submit enough content, maybe we could even make a little magazine-type book to sell to put toward hosting costs on our new server. (The Joint will front the money for the printing in either case).

    At this point I am willing to handle a limited number of sales for a small commission (so I can cover Paypal fees and pay my friend who is manning the booth to handle the sale).

    Here is the information for joining the Joint exhibition booth.

    Photos, post cards, and business cards:

    You are responsible for printing and shipping your cards and/or photos to me. Photos should be 8x10" at a minimum, up to poster size. You can send photos of finished work as well as works in progress; you can even send photos of your workspace. Dolls in the photos should be your own work, though you can display your dolls with other people's work as long as you credit the studios who created any other dolls in your photos.

    Postcards and business cards will be there for convention goers to take with them to enjoy your work. Extras (as well as photos) will not be returned to you unless you pay shipping.

    Display Only Dolls

    If you would like to display your work, you may send up to three completed, cast dolls to be shown in our booth. They can be displayed mostly nude if you want to show off the body, but please include some article of modesty-preserving clothing to cover the genitalia. Please include a stand for each doll.

    You are responsible for shipping the doll or dolls to me, as well as the fees for sending them back. Please do not send prototypes or irreplaceable items. While the booth will be manned at all times, accidents can happen and I would hate to see anyone lose an invaluable piece.

    I will try to return any display dolls within a week of the end of the convention, though international shipping may take me a little longer.

    Sale Dolls

    If you would like for us to sell a small number of dolls or high-quality cast resin parts for you, please email me for more information as the quantity I can take depends on the size and price of your dolls.

    Please remember that because it is an in-person sale at the venue, sales tax much be charged. The tax rate is 8%, so please incorporate that into your price. Additionally, I will need to charge a 5% commission to cover Paypal fees. I know the cost kind of sucks, but otherwise to tell at Dollism you'd have a $500 vendor few for your own booth (and most of us don't have enough stock to make it worth it).

    Payment for any sold dolls will be sent to the artist via Paypal within a week after the event. Unsold merchandise will be returned via mail. You will be responsible for postage.

    That's the basics! I'll put info about the booklet/magazine in the next post. If you have any questions, please post them here.
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    Very cool! I wish I could have a doll on display, but I suspect I'll still be in the prototype stage. And it sounds like HystericalParoxysm has the 3D angle covered for the informational booklet. About all I can offer is my skill as a proofreader, if you need one!

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    Hi guys,

    I haven't received anything for the booklet yet... or photos to hang up to show off of everyone's work! Please get that stuff to me!

    armeleia @ gmail (dot) com

    Divi, could you please resent your email?

    It is open to everyone, US or international.
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    I'm finally free enough to do something for this. I can probably get some 3D stuff done in the next few days. I am not sure what HystericalParoxysm has done. I am thinking a general information page and maybe some tips and/or a tutorial?

    Should we actually design the page for it or do you just want text and pictures? If you do want page designs, what size should it be? I love designing things for print. Also, if you want any help putting everything together I am happy to.

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    When are deadlines? I could send some stuffs. anything you want/need in particular?

    are 3D printed dolls allowed or is this a resin only exclusive club
    3d print a little doll magic:

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    With it being less than a month away, I don't know if a printed thing is going to happen. I haven't received anything at all!

    I do have room to display a few more dolls, though, and I would welcome printed materials to put out!
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    If we are just displaying a doll, would it be okay to have a stack of small flyers to put next to it for more information? If so, any recommendation on how many to print?

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    My guess is 50ish? We have about 450 attending, I think, and I don't imagine everyone would take one.
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