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Thread: Development of the Joint! Your ideas?

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    It's looking good so far! Thanks for all you do for us Armeleia
    Currently working on...
    Unnamed 3D Pinted MSD :3

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    Woot, you already did the updates.
    Looks great! Thank you, Armeleia!

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    All really great ideas-- thank you so much for doing this for us! And for everything you have already done. I can't even imagine what it takes to run forums like this. Maybe we should attempt a grand opening event if/when all this gets done, to attract more members?

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    Looks great I originally was learning BJD and still may work further on it in the future, but have lately been interested in the art of the marionettes or hinge/hook-jointed dolls, but will sculpt the parts instead of carving. Would be interesting to see a sort of miscellaneous section for other varieties of dollmaking and doll types that may be made a tad different (though I'm guessing marionette/hinge or hook jointed dolls could count as sculpted jointed dolls). Just a thought :3
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    How about an "Experimentation Chamber"? Not necessarily serious info or recommendations of materials or techniques, just sharing experiments. I spend a lot of time trying new materials or thinking up other ways of constructing a doll.

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