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Thread: The Joint is merging with Den of Angels!

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    Another thing that really concerns me, now that I’ve had time to think it over, is the extreme difference in pacing between this forum and DoA.

    DoA is high paced, high energy, and just so LOUD. I haven’t been posting nearly as much there since that horrible style change. Now it’s all LARGE MOBILE FRIENDLY HEADLINES screaming at you and huge empty gaps that you have to scroll through. It makes it very tiresome to navigate. It’s a bit like a mall. Sure you can have some fun there, meet people and browse for cool stuff, but it’s not the place you’d go to, to sit down and get some work done.
    I like this place much better for that. It’s pleasant and feels a lot more mature. Here everyone comes for the same reasons so everyone seems to be on more or less the same level. This is more like a calm working environment. To me, the slow pacing is natural. It takes time to make a doll. Even a somewhat experienced doll sculptor can take a year or more from start to completion, when working mostly in his or her free time. A slow paced forum helps a lot to keep the pressure of getting finished and show results, down. Everyone here understands the time it takes.

    I log onto DoA when I want some quick answers to something, look something up or just want to bombard my senses with a bit of dolly owner enthusiasm.
    I log onto the Joint when I want to get into a more productive mode and actually create something.

    This is two completely different things and even if some of the users overlap, far from all does.

    And then there are all the questions about what will be considered on topic…
    As it is now there is no pressure on anyone to make a doll that is intended to eventually be cast in resin. And let’s face it; most first projects never even get near that stage. Will those projects still be welcome? Will all the happy beginner clay doodling that is necessary to build up the skill to eventually create something even remotely on topic by today’s criteria still be encouraged?
    And wouldn’t it be a bit strange if a doll whose entire creation is posted about and followed by many on DoA then suddenly isn’t allowed to be posted on its own once it’s finished?

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    ah, good thing i decided to come back here after a long while. (i just got a smartphone and have been TERRIBLY DISTRACTED.)
    this seems like it could be really cool, or really bad for us as an artist clique. we'll just have to seeeee.
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    Since I only have 10 posts and once went almost 5 years between posting, it probably doesn't matter if my account is transfered or not. I may not have posted much but I do enjoy reading the forum, particularly reviews of the casting services. I had been trying to get back into sculpting, dusting off and finishing projects. . . but I kind of doubt I'll ever post them on DoA. . . I don't really think anyone would be interested in them anyway. . . But I tend to agree on how the pacing is different. Here there is a more mature feeling, like an artists' guild. A novice could come here and get support and guidance. Would that same novice be comfortable on DoA? I also agree there should be some restrictions on posting. A couple of my pet peeves (I should charge these things rent) are people who necro a thread to pad their post count and people who make one or two word posts (also to pad their post count).

    I do hope this works out, I may not post but I'll certainly read. Don't mind me though, people seem pretty excited about the merger on DoA. But if the quiet over here bothered people then why didn't they make some noise?
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    I can't decide whether this move will light a fire under me to sculpt more, or make me too embarrassed to post WIP.

    The old sculpting subforum on DoA was a supportive and productive place. Many of the current "stars" started there. So I'm in hopes that the new subforum will settle down and be just as nice.

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